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Crawler is a  3D platformer focusing on the the ability to crawl up any surface! Taking the role of a spyder-bot it is your mission to traverse the cyberspace and find your way back home.




Godless is an turn based hack and slash dungeon crawler done as the End Of Year Major Production for AIE Second Year Course. Featuring hard rock and flash artwork Godless is a game designed to look cool and rule the school.

Xbox 360/One Controller is recommended to play the game. 




Space Coast: Toast To Toast

This short, simple multiplayer game was the result of a  2 day game jam. Focusing on a vaporwave aesthetic, the game plays somewhat like a Smash Bros title where players start out on a platform, each attack causes the other player to increase in how far their pushed back until ultimately all but one has been pushed off the platform. Xbox controller is advised for functionality.



Waddlesome Fued

Waddlesome Fued is a 2 - 4 multiplayer game ultimately done as the first year AIE Game Design end of year production under a team name known as Blue Expanse.   

It is recommended you use xbox 360 /One controllers to player the game without issues.

Controls: Left thumbstick = Movement

A Button = Jump

X Button = Shoot


Clever Girl
Roll A Ball

Clever Girl was a challenge to make a "game" with limited coding and using a random Unity Store Script. Once again this was a second attempt mucking around in Unity during my first year.

Controls: W A S D keys = Movement       Spacebar = Jump

Middle mouse = Camera                               Esc = Exit

Raptor Model and Player Controller - Muelsa


Other Dinosaur Models - Lizards In Leotards



This Roll A Ball prototype was the first thing I created using the Unity Engine as part of the 1st year AIE game design course to become familiar with Unity and how it works. For portfolio reasons in basic level design I have listed it here.

Use either the wasd or arrow keys to move and escape to access the menu.


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